Welfare Education and Care in Kenya

‘From developmentaid to help with development’

Ruma Foundation

Welfare, Education, and Care are important factors in a human life. In Kenya, these three factors are not self-evident and therefore jeopardise the basic needs of many. By working with local initiatives aimed at improving these factors, we can start developing a sustainable future.

We believe that working with local initiatives works well. In this way, the initiative remains with the Kenyans themselves and hold the responsibility in their own hands. Sitting back and waiting for money to be handed out is not a solution for us. Our basic model is, therefore, helping with personal development.

Welfare in Ruma

The Ruma Foundation is committed to help children in Kenya who have ended up in a difficult situation. We offer them a solid foundation through education and support with employment,. This allows them to be independent in life and create a strong base for themselves and their future.

Education in Ruma

For people with a disability, life in Kenya is not easy. Proper care is hard to realise and socially they are often excluded from society. The Ruma Foundation is committed to helping this group through financial support and to initiate projects which they can actively participate in.

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